Bhairava Geetha Review

New director Siddarth is making his directional debut with the film Bhairava Geetha. The film got a release in Kannada last week and the movie is hitting the screens in Telugu on Friday. Ram Gopal Varma is presenting the film while the movie is produced by Abhishek Nama under Abhishek Pictures banner. The film was premiered for the press and few celebrities at a red carpet premiere in AMB cinemas yesterday. Dhanunjay and Irra played the lead roles in the movie. Check out the film’s review here.

The film has a Rayalaseema backdrop. Bhairava (Dhanunjay) was born into a low caste. He works for Subba Reddy, a high-caste person in his village. Once, the rivals attempt an attack on Geetha (Irra). Bhairava risks his life to save Irra from the attack and after a series of events, she falls in love with him. Subba Reddy disapproves the love affair and starts hating Bhairava. What happens then? What did Bhairava do to win his love? Did Geetha unite with Bhairava in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Performances wise, everyone in the movie has given their best. The lead actors have performed well and Dhanunjay is a perfect choice for the lead role. His screen presence is amazing and he acted well in the action scenes too. The heroine did an attractive job in coming up with a decent performance. The actor who played the character Subba Reddy is also good and made his presence felt. These are the major characters in the film and all the others have done justice for their limited roles.

The cinematography of the film by Jagadeesh Cheekati is good. His visuals are nice but many frames got repetitive. The music and background score of the film is okay. No song was pleasant to the ears and the background score appeared loud. The story is pretty much routine and there is no freshness in the execution. The editing is bad. The artwork is nice. The production values are not upto the mark.

The new director Siddarth tried his best to come up with a romantic action entertainer but he failed to impress the audiences by choosing a routine plot and weak execution. The movie is completely disappointing as it reminds us of the movies Chanti, Osey Ramulamma, Yagnam, RX100 and other old movies which have a similar plot. Except for the performances from the lead actors, there is nothing so great about the movie. The violence in the film is also over-board. The screenplay lacks conviction and many logics were neglected. The movie is yet another unimpressive film in the name of romantic action entertainer from RGV’s school. Can be skipped!!

Rating: 1/5