Adinarayana Reddy in a fix

Minister Adinarayana Reddy of Jammalamadugu is in a fix. Jammalamadugu has been his burrough and he has a running feud with former minister and TDP leader Ramasubba Reddy.

Adinarayana Reddy defeated Rama Subba Reddy in 2014 on YSRCP ticket and then joined the TDP. It is strongly rumoured that he had switched to the Telugu Desam Party to save his close relative Kesava Reddy, whose schools are now under the crowd.

But, now it appears that Chandrababu has plainly told him to contest for Kadapa Lok Sabha seat and leave the assembly seat to rival Ramasubba Reddy. Chandrababu said the surveys showed that he would lose as an MLA. So, he was asked to fight for the Lok Sabha.

Adinarayana Rao reportedly flatly refused the proposal. Reddy feels that he can salvage the situation in Jammalamadugu, but fighting for LOk Sabha would not be his cup of tea. He is reported to have made this clear to Chandrababu. On the whole, Reddy finds himself in a fix.