Keeravani is half-retired, whatever that means!!

It is very rare for a film personality or technician to announce retirement. Usually, offers stop coming by if he becomes stale of loses his magical touch. That’s not the case with Keeravani, he is still giving very good music and he is much in demand. Yet, he surprised everyone when he announced that he would retire after Baahubali. He even announced December 9, 2016 as the date of his retirement.

But, soon after Baahubali, he changed the tack and said he was continuing in the film industry due to the pressure from well-wishers and film industry biggies. He was asked about this during the promotions of NTR biopic. He gave a strange reply.

He said he has already half-retired. When asked he said now he is not being influenced by anyone. That is semi-retirement, he said. He added that at one stage, he had changed tunes even when the producer’s youngest daughter called for a change. “I no longer do it now,” he said. Now, whatever does that mean?