Naga Babu to contest from Hindupur?

One interesting buzz that we are hearing is that Mega brother Naga Babu might contest from Hindupur and would vie with Balayya Babu. In fact, Naga Babu of late has been on an attacking mode and have specifically attacked Balayya Babu.

He has posted sarcastic comments and funny poems – all making fun of Balkrishna. It appears he wants to become more active in the political field and it seems he is now trying to contest in the 2019 elections . Naga Babu, who wants to fight against Balayya Babu , has already got a huge posse of workers and wants to capitalise on the craze of Pawan Kalyan.

Meanwhile, there is also a buzz that Balayya Babu may not be fielded from Hindupur. He is said to have been directed to contest for the MP seat. If this is true, will Nagababu fight for Lok Sabha instead of Assembly? Let’s wait and see!!