RGV says my NTR is real

The countdown for NTR biopic Kathanayakudu has come down from days to hours. The unit is pretty confident about the film’s success and the promotions have picked pace during the last coule of days. In fact, NTR biopic is the only film that managed to ensure creative buzz all through the film making.

Though, business-wise, it is lagging behind Vinaya Vidheya Rama, it is far ahead in publicity. The online bookings have just started and the trailer has been cut very creatively. The ensemble cast for several cameos has also raised the curio value.

Despite all this, several people who travelled with NTR and who knew the NTR story inside out, might raise their voices if there are any factual misrepresentation and hyperbole. NTR’s political rivals too might queer the pitch. On the other hand, RGV, who is making Lakshmi’s NTR, might also ridicule the film if there are any major errors.

Already RGV is pissed off over the cases booked against him by the TDP leaders. Isn’t it time that the unit analyses the threats before it goes ahead.