VVR begins online booking

Vinaya Vidheya Rama, which is being eagerly awaited by Mega fans, has begun the online booking. The theatres have also been decided and every arrangement is being made for this Sankranthi release. Of all the three releases this Sankranthi, only VVR has the mass element and action. Such films do very well during the Sankranthi season. So, the expectations are that VVR would do well and all eyes are now focused on it.

Interesting nuggets of information are tumbling out about his film. According to one of them, Cherry would not be seen on screen for nearly 20 minutes. These 20 minutes will focus on the hero’s childhood and on how the enmity between the hero’s family and the villain begins. How Boyapati managed this is a mystery.

The film is just 150 minutes long and minus these 20 minutes, the director must have elevated Cherry fully in just 130 minutes. Well! Boyapati is famous for elevating the hero. Remember how he wowed us with the Hamsaladeevi scene and gave us goose-bumps? That was a greenhorn like Bellamkonda boy, but this is Mega Power Star Cherry. So, expect more action, more goose-bumps and more excitement.