Pawan ‘Star Image’ Not Worked Out In Politics

Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan had forayed into active politics with an higher expectation of emerging a strong leader by exploiting his star image. Practically, it is proved to be a damp squib for the power star .

Pawan has been maintaining strong fan following and also surpassed his Mega brother Chiranjeevi in the popularity. After entering into politics , the Jana Sena leader had expected he would maintain the equal star Image in the politics also. Initially, he drew immense response from people to his meetings conducted in Andhra Pradesh.

In a gradual way, pawan image is on the decline and the joining of leaders from other parties was also stopped. People and the leaders from other parties are expressing doubts on the sincerity of Pawan in the politics in the wake of series of reports that he will bid adieu to active politics once the elections are over.

It is learnt that Pawan adopted wait and watch policy as no important leader is coming forward to join his party. The Jana Sena leader had come to a conclusion that the other party leaders will shift loyalties to his party only after confirmed with party tickets.