Modi delivers valedictory at BJP national convention

Speaking to party members on the  2nd day at the BJP National Convention, in the Ramlila Grounds in New Delhi, the Prime Minister made a forceful representation of why the country needs him, “its chowkidar” to take care of it and laid the foundation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections by spelling out his slogan, “Mera Booth Sabse Majboot, should be our mantra for victory.”.

In a mostly self congratulatory speech, Modi spoke about the government’s performance since 2014, its non corrupt credentials and also the new 10% reservation for the economically backward. “10% reservation in education and government service to the poor youth of the general category is going to bring about self-confidence in new India. This are not just reservations but an effort to give a new dimension.”

Taking a dig at the Opposition, he said that the “mahagatbandhan” wants a helpless(majboor) government at the centre whereas the BJP will bring a majbooth or strong government.

Blaming the previous Congress government for many counts, Modi  said that “This chowkidaar is unstoppable. He will not spare anyone. This is just the beginning.”

Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, Nirmala Sitaraman. Nitin Gadkari were also speakers in the BJP National convention today.