Saturn effect, Rahu Gandam worries for TDP?

Politicians and superstitions go hand in hand. Politicians ensure that the stars and planets are in the right place and the muhurtham is spot on before doing anything. They always ensure that the time is auspicious and the place is propitious.

But, this time around, they have a problem. The election announcement has come during the Rahu Kalam, considered highly inauspicious. So most politicians are performing special penances to ward off evil effects.

But, there is a bigger problem for the TDP besides the Rahu Kalam. The Saturn period, considered very troublesome. The period will begin by March end. This period will be marked by stagnation, lack of growth and losses.

This has become a cause for worry for the TDP workers. They are afraid that this could mean a reversal at the elections and troubled time in future. Some even claim that the party could be defeated in the elections.