April 7th: WHO celebrates World Health Day

The World Health Organization (WHO), born in 1948  celebrates its 71st anniversary today on April 7th every year as global health awareness day.

In the past it has drawn our attention to chronic diseases that are increasingly plaguing the human population world wide and ways to control and eliminate these deadly diseases- to the eradication of tuberculosis, towards the greater awareness of depressive illnesses and so on.

This year 2019 marks an altogether different theme. Recognizing the uneven access to health resources to different countries and to different areas/ people in the same country, depending on the financial status of the sufferer, this year the WHO theme focuses on “Universal health coverage,everyone, everywhere.”

The statement issued by the WHO body says, “Today, half the world’s population cannot access essential health services. Millions of women give birth without help from a skilled attendant; millions of children miss out on vaccinations against killer diseases, and millions suffer and die because they can’t get treatment for HIV, TB, and malaria.

In 2019, this is simply unacceptable. Although the right to good health is everybody’s prerogative, millions across the world do not have the access to the most basic healthcare. It is a fact that underprivileged people are forced to give up on their healthcare in order to meet their daily expenses such as food, clothing, and shelter.”

WHO has reiterated that health care should not come at the cost of financial harm. The realization of this goal still remains very distant in India as the state has long shied away from its responsibility to public health, letting private players into the main field and taking the course of insurance to fulfil its role.