CJI rejects allegations of sexual harassment by former staff

The Supreme court was again rocked by allegations and counter allegations when a former staff accused the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment when she was working as a lower division clerk at his official residence last year. Subsequently she was removed from office and after 2 months dismissed from service on December 21st.

The complainant wrote  letters on April 19th to all the 22 SC judges on this issue which was soon published by news websites. Totally denying the accusations, the CJI called an urgent special hearing on Saturday and said that things have gone too far and “judiciary cannot be made a scapegoat”.

“Bigger force at work to deactivate the office of Chief Justice of India”?

The Chief Justice alleged that a bigger force is at work behind this, perhaps the office of the Prime Minister to “deactivate the office of CJI”. He also said that judges will now be afraid to decide cases  as  “reputation is all that we have” and these accusations have come up one week ahead of hearing very important cases. One case which is being watched by all is the Rafale deal of the ruling BJP government in which serious allegations of favouritism and kickback are suspected.