Manchu Vishnu hunting for locations!

Actor Producer Vishnu Manchu is hunting for locations for Kannappa movie. He is keen to scout rarely-seen location for his film shoot, and was seen in New Zealand recently to check out locations for shoot. ‘Kannappa’ is an ambitious multi lingual project for the Actor- Producer, Vishnu Manchu.

Vishnu will be seen as Bhakta Kannappa in this movie. To add spectacle for the film, the director and producer of the film have been travelling many places to tap into new locales for important sequences.

Recently Vishnu Manchu shared a video in his social media handle, saying “Discovering mesmerising sights like these, while location scouting is a huge perk of the job.

Whats Your Office Like?” 24 Frames Factory the production team behind Kannappa hopes to find interesting spots.

The country is known for rain-forests, glaciers, fast-flowing rivers, slow-moving rivers, beautiful valleys and mountains, lakes and amazing national parks.