I Am A Canadian Citizen: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar broke his silence on social media trolls for not casting his vote.

He clarified he might hold a Canadian passport but he never needed to prove his love for India.

In a statement, Akshay Kumar admitted that he is a honorary citizen of Canada. ‘I am an honorary citizen of Canada, people should be proud of it. I have an honorary doctorate too but I’m not a doctor…people need to understand that!,’ he said.

He says ‘I haven’t visited Canada in the past 7 years…It’s a truth. I work in India and pay all my taxes in India. Until now, I never felt the need to prove my love for India. Disappointing that my citizenship issue is being raised constantly for needless controversies. I will continue to contribute to the causes I believe in and make India stronger’.

Akshay Kumar landed in another controversy after a video of him saying “Toronto is my home” went viral on social media.

“I must tell you one thing, ‘This is my home. Toronto is my home.’ After I retire from this industry, I’m going to come back here and stay here,” he said in Toronto.