Will CPM workers vote for BJP?

Enemy’s enemy is a friend. The CPM workers in West Bengal seem to be adopting the same policy. The CPM, which ruled West Bengal for over three decades, is a shadow of its former self. It’s vote percentage is dwindling, its cadre is depleting. The Trinamool Congress has reducd them to such a weak position that they cannot hope to win even a single MP seat in the state. So, how to stop the Mamta Juggernaut?

The CPM cadre and sympathisers found a way out. They feel they should vote for the BJP as BjP is the arch enemy of the TMC and also it is the best possible bet if Mamta Didi is to be defeated. So, the CPM cadre, workers, sympathisers and fellow travellers feel that supporting the BJP is the best option to defeat Trinamool. They feel enemy’s enemy can be treated as a friend. However, senior leaders like Manik Sarkar are arguing that the BJP is the bigger enemy and that once given a toehold, it can occupy the whole space. But, the cadre appears to be in no mood to listen to him. They are planning to silently vote for the BJP.