Did Arvind Kejriwal take Rs 6 crore to give MP seat?

As a crusader against corruption, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has built a reputation for himself. But, election times puts even the most famed and celebrated on the dock and asks them to explain.

An MP candidate’s son in Delhi has accused Arvind Kejriwal of taking Rs 6 crore to give ticket. The accuser is Uday Jhakhar, son of West Delhi AAP candidate Balbir Jhakhar.

Uday, who is estranged from his father, said his father did not support his education but had the money to pay to Kejriwal.

Though Balbir denied he paid the amount, the people are asking questions about Arvind Kejriwal taking money from candidates.

Is he not doing what the other politicians do and how is he different from the other politicians? But, the clever politician that Arvind Kejriwal is, he chose to remain silent and not speak on the issue at all.