Large scale defection of TMC councillors and MLAs to BJP

In a day which witnessed atleast 16 councillors of the Trinamool Congress party and 3 MLA resigned and joining its arch rival BJP, Narendra Modi invited the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee to his swearing-in ceremony on May 30th. The exodus defecting to the BJP post Lok Sabha election will weaken TMC but is not an immediate threat as it still enjoys a majority of 210, way ahead of the half way mark of 148.

The recent Lok Sabha elections saw a huge victory for the BJP in terms of 18 seats as compared to only 2 in 2014. In the light of this defection to BJP, the claim by PM on April 29, at a rally in Serampore city in West Bengal, had claimed that 40 Trinamool Congress MLAs were in touch with him and would switch sides after the Lok Sabha polls has proved right.  This threat which amounts to horse-trading was not an empty threat.

Our democracy is increasingly seeing opposition parties crumble and governments  tumble in the aftermath of huge victories. The fate of the ruling Congress- JDS combine in Karnataka also hangs in suspense in the wake of the massive sweep of 26 Lok Sabha seats out of 28 in Karnataka.