Mamta Didi bans BJP processions in West Bengal

West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee seems to be going berserk. The very mention of BJP is making her fly into a rage.

She has vented her ire and frustration by shouting at the BJP workers, getting those who chant Jai Sri Ram, even locking up BJP offices and painting Trinamool Congress symbol on BJP offices. Here’s the latest.

She has ordered that all the BJP processions, especially the victory processions of the saffron party, be banned. She said since most victory processions of the BJP were turning violent, they would be banned.

She said there were at least seven deaths during the victory processions after the Lok Sabha elections. Now, this is unprecedented.

If there is violence, the government should come down heavily on the mischievous elements, but should never ban democratic expressions like processions and victory rallies. But, Mamtha seems to think that democracy is applicable only to the TMC and not to the BJP.