Will TRS sail with BJP?

Telangana CM KCR is said to be working overtime to repair his relations with the BJP at theCentre in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular. Ever since the Lok Sabha elections, where KCR played a dubious role in the name of Federal Front, the BJP has taken a serious view of things.

Prime Minister Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have enough information that KCR wanted to bargain with the Congress in the hope that the BJP would not get enough numbers on the board. He also planned to wean away potential BJP backer parties from the NDA. However, the final results have upset all his calculations.

But, BJP has not taken kindly to all these attempts. It felt that KCR was two-timing. As a result, once back on the saddle, the BJP is treating the TRS with the contempt it deserves.

With Modi not giving appointment to KCR, the TRS bosses are worried now. They are afraid that Modi will poach the discontented TRS leaders and weaken the party by 2024.

They are also watching the BJP attempts to bring in Congress and TDP leaders into the party. They feel that by 2024, the BJP would be a formidable rival and are now trying to recalibrate the frosty relations with the BJP. The TRS boss wants to negotiate a truce with Modi somehow or the other.