Mamta Didi admits her party workers are corrupt!!

Mamta Didi is turning increasingly unpredictable these days. Realising that he cadre at the lower level have become lumpen and corrupt, she has now started taking corrective measures. She has recently ordered that the party workers who took their cut from the beneficiaries of various schemes should return the money to the them. This directive has caused lot of confusion in the party. The party workers feel that his is not just workable but will also prove the TMC cadre as corrupt. They feel that this decision of hers would further alienate the people and demotivate the party workers.

A shocked Mamta found that the party workers were taking commission even from those who were given cremation expenses for departed near and dear under a government scheme. The Government gives Rs 2000 of which Rs 200 is siphoned off by the TMC cadre. Ever since this announcement by Mamta Didi, there is a flurry of complaints about the TMC workers who had taken money forcibly from traders and businessmen.