No Funds Crunch For Salaries In AP: Buggana

The AP Government has faced an embarrassing situation with a large number of employees not getting their salaries on Thursday. The reason behind this was due to technical snags.
Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath on Friday clarified that the delay had nothing to do with the funds availability.

His statement goes like this:

There have been certain messages circulating in the social media and a select few TV channels regarding the delay in crediting of salaries to the employees of AP Government on 1st August.

It is to clarify that the delay has nothing to do with the funds availability.

There has been a technical issue relating to the encryption of files with e-Kuber platform of the Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai.

On 1-8-2019, after the payment of pensions and large part of the salaries, technical difficulties were experienced leading to stoppage of uploading of the files.

The staff of the Finance Department & APCFSS have continuously worked throughout the night of 1-8-2019 to resolve the issue coordinating with the technical staff of RBI, Mumbai.

This issue has been fully resolved by the technical team and all pensions and salaries are credited to the respective bank account by 10.00 am on 2-8-2019.

I would like to reiterate that this delay has nothing to do with the funds position.

The little technical glitch is fully resolved in consultation with RBI and measures to ensure that the fix is permanent and will not repeat in future have been taken.