Party seniors skip Chandrababu’s ‘key’ meet

The confusion and utter lack of drive and enthusiasm in the Telugu Desam Party is all too visible now. The senior leaders, who drove the party’s agenda for years appear to be totally disillusioned and dejected. They seem to feel that the party does not really have much future.

Party chief Chandrababu Naidu has organised a state-level review meet in Vijayawada on Tuesday. The meet was a tame affair with no one offering a way out of the preset morass that party finds itself in. To top it, several seniors gave the meeting a miss. Several former ministers, MLAs and MPs did not turn up at the meeting.

Amond them are Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Ganta Srinivasa Rao and JC Diwakar Reddy. Of these, Ganta Srinivasa Rao is said to be in consultations with the BJP. Kesineni Nani, the MP who is at loggerheads with Chandrababu and is attacking him right left and centre through his acerbic tweets, was conspicuous by their absence.

A shocked Chandrababu Naidu had to tell the party workers that there is no cause for worry and that the party will bounce back again. Even when he said, the respons was very lukewarm.