Villagers’s shocker for TDP MLA

Inciting people and inflaming passions is not so easy these days. Things are a changing. The TDP is realising this the hard way. When Repalle’s TDP MLA Anagani Satyaprasad tried to incite the villagers against the YSRCP government, he had to face the people’s ire. In the face of strong criticism by the villagers, he had to scoot out of the village post haste.

On Thursday he went to Penumudipallypalem village under his constituency. The aim was to console the victims of the flood in the area. Instead of doing something for them, he tried to incite them against the YSRCP Government.

Even as he was speaking, the people of the village stopped him and asked him what he did for them all these years and why did not he visit the village all these days. The MLA had no answer. The villagers then asked him about not coming to the village even once during the last five years.

Seeing the mood of the people, the MLA and his bunch of backers simply left the place.