War between TRS and BJP over membership drive?

Who has more members, the BJP or the TRS? This war is raging between both the parties. While the TRS is claiming that it has over 60 lakh members and that it is on way to achieve its 1 crore-member target, the BJP is pooh-poohing these claims. The TRS on its part is slamming the BJP’s missed call membership method. Both the parties are criticising each other on this issue.

This also leading to a war of words between both the parties. Both the parties have started their membership drive almost at the same time and are trying to outdo one another. The BJP is claiming that its membership is genuine and points that there are instances of even two year olds being made members of the TRS. Such membership is fake and useless, the BJP argues. The TRS on its part is questioning the missed call mode. It says this is fake and cannot be taken as a true membership.

Interestingly, as both the BJP and the TRS are fighting over the membership drives, the other party – the Congress – is almost in a limbo. No one in the party is talking about membership or any other organisational activity.