Why Kamma leader skip Chandrababu’s meeting?

With virtually all Kapu leaders giving a miss to Chandrababu Naidu’s first ever visit to Kakinada after losing the elections, it has become crystal clear that the party could be facing major shocks in the coming days.

Former MLA Thota Trimurthulu simply did not turn up for the meeting. So was Kakinada MP candidate and prominent businessman Chalamalasetti Sunil. Other Kapu leaders too gave the programme a miss.

But, more surprising than all these is the absence of Maganti Roopa. Maganti Roopa was the TDP’s MP candidate from Rajahmundry and is the daughter of actor and two-time MP Maganti Muralimohan.

Her absence was a shock for a lot of party watchers. Does this mean that even the Kamma community has lost hopes on Chandrababu and is looking for alternatives to further their interests, which are mainly business and entrepreneurial in nature?

In fact, ever since the party’s massive defeat, Murali Mohan has gone completely inactive. He has not attended party meetings and is keeping a low profile. The last time, he was replaced and his daughter in law was given the party ticket to contest from Rajahmundry Lok Sabha constituency.