Is this TDP senior leader ready to jump?

TG Venkatesh is one politician who can spring surprises anytime. TG was with the TDP and then joined the Congress to become a minister. Before the 2014 elections, he moved into the TDP to become a Rajya Sabha MP. Once the TDP was defeated in 2019 elections, he joined the BJP and said he had his roots in the RSS and the ABVP. But, is his joining of the BJP complete?

After joining the BJP, he has not attended any BJP meet of any significance. He did not even conduct himself like a BJP MP. But, recently he gave statements praising Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He said Jagan would fulfil all the promises he made at the time of elections. He said Jagan was making every effort to fulfil the election-eve assurances. He said Jagan would develop the state with the help of the Central Government.

Interestingly, before the 2019 elections, he tried to join the YSRCP, but Jagan showed no interest. So, is TG making a fresh bid to rejoin the YSRCP, while being in the BJP?