Is TRS unhappy with Governor’s appointment?

Is the TRS government unhappy with the appointment of active politician and Tamil Nadu BJP president dr Tamilisai Saundara Rajan as Telangana Governor? It appears so. The TRS feels that an active and a combative politician as governor could make damaging statements and pose problems to it. It feels that the Centre wants to intrude into its space.

A section of the TRS is of the opinion that unlike Narasimhan, with whom Telangana CM KCR has struck a cordial personal equation, dealing with Tamilisai could be uncomfortable as nothing much is known about her. So, a section of the party has begun a low key campaign that the state governments should have a say in the selection of the Governor. It must at least have some leverage in choosing the governor.

A government media advisor has even written an article to the effect that there must be a constitutional provision enabling the state to have its say in electing the governor. If the Centre is the sole deciding authority, it could cause unnecessary tensions, the writeup said.

The indications are that the TRS government might use the Governor’s appointment issue to project a Centre-vs-State conflict and gain sympathy in the state.