Who is KCR’s next target?

Is Manakondur MLA Rasamayi Balkishan too going Etela’s way? He made cryptic remarks about the present state of affairs at a function organised in Karimnagar. Interestingly, Etela Rajender, who recently raised a revolt of sorts by making controversial comments about TRS and its ownership, was sharing the stage with him.

Speaking at a programme in Karimnagar, Rasamayi Balkishan said that he and Etela do not know who to lie. “We are plain-speaking people and we do not now the art of speaking lies. We fought with all our energies for the Telangana state and do now know how to hide our feelings,” he said. While he was saying, Etela tried to stop him warning him to be careful while speaking, but Rasamayi went on saying: Let me do the plain-talking.

Interestingly, Rasamayi Balkishan was among the first MLAs to meet Etela Rajendra after he made his controversial comments. The TRS boss was unhappy at this and the party leaders reportedly spoke to him on the issue. Interestingly, speaking after Rasamayi, Etela Rajender said he was fully agreement with the Manakondur MLA.