Monkeys tilt Mahanandi Gopuram’s Kalasam

Usually monkeys are welcome at temples. Despite the problems they cause, they are loved, fed and worshipped. But, at Mahanandi temple, the monkeys are proving to be a menace. The monkeys are causing great harm to the temple itself.

On Monday, due to the antics of the simians, the Kalasam on the Gopuram of the Mahanandi temple in Kurnool district tilted causing anxious moments to the temple staff and the devotees alike.

The officials, who were alerted about the incident, immediately drove away the monkeys and set the kalasams right. Monkey population near Mahanandi has gone up many fold giving lot of trouble for the devotees and the temple authorities alike. Road construction in the neighbouring area and destruction of forests is said to be the cause of the growth in the monkey population in the area.