Rebels growing in TRS?

Discontent is brewing in the TRS over the cabinet expansion. Those who expected ministries, but failed to get them, are angry and upset. Some have voiced their opposition openly, while some reacted in a mute, but unconcealed anger.

Senior TRS leader and former Home Minister Nayini Narsimha Reddy expected some key ministry for either him or for his son-in-law. But, KCR did not even consider his name. Ditto with Gutta Sukhender Reddy. Reddy was promised a ministerial berth, but KCR did not make him a minister. However, Gutta is being rehabilitated with council’s chairperson’s post.

Velama strongman Mynampalli Hanumath Rao too is unhappy as despite being a three-time MP, his claim was ignored purely on caste considerations He is said to be planning to move into the BJP. Mynampalli is a strong candidate and his leaving the party could affect the TRS fortunes in at least three constituencies.

Former minister Jogu Ramanna, who is upset at not being chosen as a minister, has left his home and went underground. He left his gunmen behind and did not even inform his family members while leaving the house. His whereabouts are not known yet. So, the exercise of cabinet expansion is proving to be counter-productive to the TRS