Dattanna invites train and plane loads of people for swearing-in

Is governor post that great a post or is Bandaru Dattatreya the first governor of any state? What is so great about being a governor? We all know that Governorship is a ceremonial post where the leader does nothing except reading out what the CM gives him and treats the visitors with tea and biscuits. So, why is Dattatreya making so much fuss about his swearing in?

The grapevine is that Dattatreya has invited a whole contingent from Telangana for his swearing-in as the governor of Himachal Pradesh in Shimla. Several politicians from all parties, including the TRS and the Congress have been invited.

Even Union Minister of State for Home had to cancel all his engagements in Hyderabad to reach Shimla to be there at the swearing in of Dattatreya.

So, expect a lot of Telugus to flock to the Raj Bhavan in the coming days. Like V Rama Rao, who was Sikkim Governor, even Dattatreya could play host to a large numer of people and could promote Himachal tourism in both the Telugu states.