Nani pins all hopes on ‘GangLeader’

Natural Star Nani, Versatile Director Vikram K Kumar joined hands for a full-length family entertainer ‘Nani’s Gangleader’. Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravishankar, Mohan (CVM) are producing this film in Mythri Movie Makers banner. Latest Music Sensation Anirudh has composed music for this film. Priyanka plays the love interest of Nani in the film. RX100 fame Kartikeya is playing a crucial role in ‘Nani’s Gangleader’. The Trailer and recently released promotional song of the film have raised expectations among the audiences. The film has wrapped up its censor formalities and acquired ‘U/A’ certification. ‘Nani’s Gangleader’ is releasing worldwide on Sep 13th. On this occasion, the team has arranged a media conference at Hotel Daspalla, Hyderabad.

Producer Naveen Yerneni said, ” We are releasing ‘Gang Leader’ worldwide on September 13th. We are confident that the film will become a huge blockbuster. The film will be equally enjoyed by the family and youth audience. We wanted to do a film with Nani garu since ‘Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha’. After three years, we made ‘Gang Leader’. We wish our next film will happen quickly. Thanks to Vikram garu for making a superb film in our banner. Thanks to Priyanka, Kartikeya and all other technicians who worked for this film.”

Versatile Director Vikram K Kumar said, ” First of all thanks to Nani garu for doing this film. He supported me a lot during this film. Mythri Movie Makers are the best producers. They have made many great films. I am privileged to work with them doing a film in their banner. Kartikeya did a terrific role. Priyanka is a wonderful performer. Anirudh has given very good music and background score. Our cinematographer Miroslaw Kuba Brozek is from Poland. He is a wonderful human being. Editor Naveen garu worked very hard for this film. Watch the film in theatres from September 13th.”

Mythri Movie Makers CEO Chiranjeevi (Cherry) said, ” We started this film on February 19th this year. It’s quite an achievement that the film is ready to release within six months. Vikram garu made this possible. He completed the film as per schedule with brilliant planning. The film has a lot of CG work. Vikram garu shot the part which needs CG at first and gave an ample amount of time to the CG company so that they can give their best output. Artists and Technicians gave very good support. Lakshmi garu worked for this film with a doctor besides her when needed. Everyone, watch this film in theatres.”

Heroine Priyanka said, ” Our film is releasing on 13th this month. It was fun shooting for this film. Don’t miss it in theatres.”

Actor Kartikeya said, ” I was excited when I listened to the story for the first time itself. I agreed to do this role because of Nani garu and Vikram garu. But, now I get it how much I would have missed if I was influenced by anyone and left this film. This movie will create a new trend and genre. It will be a reference for many films for the coming 10-15 years. Nani garu had a different movie this year in the form of ‘Jersey’. Now it is being made in many languages. Now he did another with ‘GangLeader’. That’s why he became a Natural Star. Priyanka performed very well. All the best to the entire team.”

Natural Star Nani said, ” Our promotion circle will be completed today. The film is getting released in two days and it will do the remaining work. Our team received warm welcome from people and media of Tirupathi, Vijayawada, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Vizag. Thanks to everyone. Now our team has reached Hyderabad. We arranged this press conference as it will be incomplete without meeting the Hyderabad media. All of us are very happy with the output of the film. We are excited to watch all of your smiles in theatres. Mythri team has made it possible to complete this film without any problems. This is the fastest completed film in Vikram’s career. Everyone of us enjoyed shooting this film. Working for this film is like a paid holiday for us. Vikram is very lucky. His direction department has an amazing team. Though Kartikeya is busy with other commitments, He got excited about his role and did this film. Get ready to watch a new Kartikeya onscreen. We were skeptical when we heard that Kuba is coming from Poland. But, It is because of him the film has got a brand new look. Anirudh is like a backbone for us. Every song will become a sensation. I like these two days before the film’s release. There is a kick during this tension before the release which I enjoy a lot. You all will enjoy the film from September 13th.”