Are Telangana bureaucrats moving closer to BJP

The ruling TRS is alarmed at the reports that several senior and junior IAS and IPS officers of the state are trying to get pally with the BJP. Several bureaucrats and top cops are reaching out to the BJP and are trying to pass on sensitive information about various schemes of the TRs government. These officials are meeting BJP top brass in Delhi and other places outside Hyderabad.

This has been going on for over two months and sources say that the bureaucrats are trying to win the BJP’s confidence as they see it as a party of the future. They feel that the BJP might come to power in 2013 assembly elections in Telangana. Both Kishan Reddy and Dattatreya have links with several IAS officials.

KCR feels that bureaucrats could leak key information about the failures of the Government and the deals it enters into with the industrialists. It fears that the BJP could use these to either expose the government’s failures or to probe into its decisions. Both ways, the BjP could hurt the TRS, the party leaders feel. Hence a close watch is being kept on the officials who are going out of Telangana on official and unofficial purposes.