Kodela suicide row: Family members hide details

Did former AP Assembly speaker Kodela Sivaprasad attempt a suicide a week before he ended his life? Did the family members tried to hide this and tried to pass off this as a cardiac stroke? There are strong doubts about how Kodela Sivaprasad spent his last days. Sources close to him claim that he was dejected and was keeping mostly to himself.

A few day before his death, he tried to commit suicide, but the family reacted on time. They tried to pass it off as a cardiac stroke. Kodela was admitted to a hospital for treatment, but the family members claimed that he was in the hospital for heart ailment.

It is now emerging that Kodela spoke to a woman doctor from Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital for 24 minutes before ending his life.

The police are now trying to talk to the doctor. They said it was the last call that Kodea had made. Investigations also reveal that Kodela had first tried to hang self with the help of a lungi. But, that did not succeed, so he used cable wires.