TRS MLA corners own party over bad roads

The TRS government on Wednesday found itself on a sticky wicket as its own members criticised it for the bad roads in the state. With the Congress getting reduced to third position and the second largest party, the MIM, playing the second fiddle, it was left to the TRS MLAs to take on the Government for the poor upkeep of the roads in the state.

The ministers and the secretarial staff were surprised to see their own MLAs donning the role of the Opposition. The MLAs slammed the Government for the delay in road-widening works and cost escalation in road-laying work contracts. Leading the pack was Kagaznagar MLA Koneru Konappa.

He said that the condition of the road between Muraligudem and Bejjuru was so bad that even ambulances were dreading to take to that road. He said that a pregnant woman had to deliver her baby on the potholed road and the baby had died due to the delay in reaching the hospital.

Devarakonda MLA A Venkateshwar Reddy, Qutbullahpur MLA KP Vivekananda, Choppadandi MLA S Ravi Shankar, Tandur MLA Pilot Rohit Reddy, Vikarabad MLA Dr M Anand and others also took up the condition of the roads in their constituencies.