Dubsmash Song Out !!

Dubsmashes have given many homemakers, youngsters, struggling actors to show off their talent. There are Tik Tok, Vidmate and several other outlets that have made this dubsmash into a legitimate place for talent to prosper or at least show off.

Some people found their partners and what if we hear such a story? Keshav Devur, a writer and director saw the trend of dubsmashes and asked same question. He found an answer in a compelling story and brought it to screen with the help of producers V three films.

The first single from the album released recently and the team shared their excitement. Producers and Director came up with an unique idea of writing a dubsmash song involving every known star in Telugu Cinema as a tribute. Producers Damodar, Raj Kandukuri and Ramasatyanarayana launched the song.

Pawan Krishna and Supraja are debuting with the film. They and team of the film, requested audiences to support their film with a big heart. Let’s listen and enjoy the song!