New head for Congress IT!

Remember Ramya aka Divya Spandana? She was the head of theCongress Party’s social media wing and was known more by the controversies she raised.

She was considered quite close to Rahul Gandhi, but ot much has been heard about her after the 2019 Lok Sabha election debacle. To add to it, she has several tiffs with other Congress functionaries and gradually confined to herself. Later she has resigned from her position as the social media head.

Now, the Congress has appointed Rohan Gupta, a young IT savvy leader from Gujarat, as the chief of the party’s social media head. The appointment has been officially announced and he has already taken over.

In fact, Rohan has been running the show ever since Ramya took a backseat. Rohan had handled the social media of the Congress Party during the 2017 Gujarat assembly elections. He is son of Raj Kumar Gupta, who is the national media coordinator of the party

Ramya, a popular Kannada heroine, has been a party MP and a firebrand leader. But, ever since the Parliament elections, she has been keeping away from the party affairs.