Chanakya Review & Rating

Action hero Gopichand and Mehreen Kaur played the lead roles in the new film Chanakya that is in the theatres from today. Thiru is the director of the film and the movie is produced by Anil Sunkara under AK Entertainments banner. The review of the film is here. Check it out.


Arjun aka Ramakrishna (Gopichand) is a bank employee working as an undercover RAW agent. He puts himself on a rescue mission to save his colleagues, who are captured by the ISI terrorist gang headed by Sohail (Sudhanshu Pandey). What did Arjun do then? How did he rescue his teammates? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the film.


Gopichand played a different kind of role welcomes back to his previous movies but we can say that the actor has showcased a lot of maturity in essaying the role. His power-packed performance made the action sequences much more mileage for the movie. Mehreen Pirzada looked beautiful. Her glamorous role and her screen presence increased the dosage of glamour in the film. However, her screen time is quite impressive. Zareen Khan is truly an asset to this movie. The actresses’ screen presence gives more strength for the film. Not only her glamorous looks but also the striking performance became a plus point for this movie. Rajesh Khattar is too good in his role. Sudhanshu Pandey performed really well. The rest of the actors also delivered their best performances.

Technical Aspects:

The way director Thiru has narrated the storyline is truly impressive. The director has taken up a complicated storyline but made it extremely easy for the audience to connect the story. His pace of narration is too good. He has succeeded in engaging the audience and narrating the storyline in an interesting way. Also, his taking is worth appreciating as the director has presented the movie e brilliantly with the limited amount of budget given for the movie. Rama Brahmam Shankara has invested decent amounts for the film. Dialogues written by Abburi Ravi are powerful and will leave an impact on the audience. Music by Chandra Shekhar became the backbone of the film as his captivating background score made each and every scene even more interesting. Cinematographer Vetri Palanisamy has produced some brilliant and bright visuals for the movie.


Though Thiru is Tamil director, we can say that the director has understood the major criteria of the Tollywood audience. Despite making a patriotic spy film, the director also succeeded in adding some commercial elements and succeeded in not disturbing the flow of the film. The first half is handled really well and the interval twist increases the interest in the film.

However, the second half becomes somewhat slow when compared to the first half and the entire second half deals with the revelation of twists and turns. Though some of the scenes in the second half are showcased really well. The audience will find it difficult to find it relatable. Performances, music, and screenplay became the plus points of this film whereas some logics in the second half will be the minus points. To conclude, ‘Chanakya is a one-time watch movie.

Rating: 2/5