Tholubommalaata Censor Report

Renowned Actor Dr. Rajendra Prasad starrer, Family Entertainer Tholubommalata directed by debutant Viswanath Maganti is censored with clean U certificate.

As the earlier released Teaser and Songs received phenomenal response from audience and even the Overseas Rights are owned by Golden Eagle Films LLC for a decent price, makers are very confident on success of the movie.

While providing insights about the story, Producer Duraga Prasad Maganti says “Tholubommalata will take you to village where the story unveils to an emotional roller-coaster ride with 3 generations. The way a young guy deals with all these intense family emotions and brings out happiness will be a thrilling and heartwarming experience to watch with your family in theatres”

In a recent interview Actor/Director Devi Prasad said, “Unlike other new-gen filmmakers, I was surprised to see our director Viswanath Maganti debut with a family story Tholubommalata. Interestingly, he handled each n every actor and the heartwarming emotions in the story very decently.

Although I’m a director myself, I prefer to follow the Director’s insights as an Actor instead of giving him some. Also, working with Rajendra Prasad garu was a dream for me. I missed a chance to direct him in my film and fortunately I’ve got an opportunity to Act as his Son in this film”