Disco Raja 3 days box office report

Disco Raja, starring Ravi Teja in the titular role hit the theaters on January 24th. The film opened to a harsh response from the critics and online review writers. However, the film has been showing a steady rise in terms of footfalls at the theaters and this change in tide has been observed over the weekend.

The audience seem to be interested in watching this flick, which marks the coming together of Ravi Teja and VI Anand. The combination guarantees a unique movie watching experience and that is exactly what the viewers are looking forward to.

Also, Ravi Teja is at his energetic best in Disco Raja. His vintage acts have pleased his fans and followers to a great extent. What’s interesting is that even children and younger section of the audience have taken a liking towards Disco Raja.

When asked what’s the USP of Disco Raja, the general audience say, ” We feel Disco Raja has what it takes to keep us entertained. It is a fun and interesting film which is enjoyable. Also, it is a different kind of an attempt.”

This sudden change in tide has left the makers of Disco Raja elated and they are grateful to the audience who are lapping up the film.