‘TDP members making false accusations with the support of selected media’

“Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy brought a historical initiative by distributing pensions at the doorstep of the beneficiary.

Even though the entire state is happy with this initiative, TDP members are still looking for the bad things,” said Minister for Endowment department, Vellampalli Srinivas Rao on Sunday. Addressing a press conference, he said that a few media houses are not focusing the good things done by the government and intentionally going against the government and coming up with negative articles.

“Unlike TDP government, our government is not giving any temple lands for corporates or any outsiders. It is a known thing that, High court permission is needed to sell even one cent of endowment lands.

Without any knowledge, TDP members are raising false accusations stating that we are using the endowment lands for house sites to poor. These lands are not being used for house sites. Few publications have written about the Bhimili lands but we have given notification too for stopping the tender process. They didn’t mention that.

Our government is not going to use any endowment lands either they are temples, church or anything.” Said Minister Vellampalli Srinivas.

Speaking to media Brahmin Corporation Chairman Malladi Vishnu said, “In the last five years, TDP members did a lot of corruption and they didn’t even spare the temple funds or corporation treasuries. Now they are accusing on us stating that we diverted Rs 234 Crores of Corporation funds.

According to the supreme court guidelines, we established welfare board for Archakas and Rs 171 Crore fixed deposits were there and spent according to the guidelines. For the year 2019-20,under this welfare board, Rs 10 Crores were spent on brahmins for their marriage, education and other welfare activities.

At least from now on TDP members should stop making false accusations or else people will start making fun of them.”he added.