Bigg Boss begins with controversy over Chinese sponsor

Even before it began, the Bigg Boss season 4 is making news for the wrong reasons. It has already landed in a controversy of sorts. One of the sponsors of the Season 4 is Oppo. In normal circumstances , this should not have been a problem. But, with tensions rising between India and China, Oppo has become controversial.

Oppo is a Chinese company and there a general mood against any Chinese products. Even the BCCI, which conducts the IPL had ro change its sponsor because of the anti-China mood. As a result, the logo of Oppo had to be removed from the blazers and T shirts of Indian players. The BCCI was forced to cancel the contract with Oppo.

Son netizens and general citizens are questioning as to how Bigg Boss house can have a contract with Oppo, a Chinese company, at a time when the Chinese are trying to occupy Indian land and have already killed several Indian jawans. The leader of the jawans who fought the Chinese in Galwan valley were led by Capt. Santosh Babu, who is a Telugu from Nalgonda district.