Why Rajnath Singh has been asked to adjust his dates?

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who is otherwise extremely busy monitoring the border standoff with China, has an additional task thrust on him. He has been asked by the party to take out time and adjust his assignments for the BJP election campaign in Bihar. He is now busy adjusting his dates for Bihar.

The reason? Amit Shah, the star campaigner of the party, is unwell and has been hospitalised with post-Covid complications. He would not be in a position to campaign for the party. Hence, Rajnath Singh is much in demand. He is also a Thakur, which is a very prominent caste with lot of political clout in Bihar. Leaders like Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman are confined only to releasing the election manifestos. One major problem for her is the lack of Hindi speaking skills.

But, party president JP Nadda will tour every constituency of the state. He would campaign in for the BJP candidates and would address joint rallies with JDU leaders. He has given his dates in such a way that he would cover different regions in the state in each leg of the tour.