CM’s former Principal Secretary arrested, party jittery

Kerala’s CPM’s two biggest leaders –Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and party general secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan – are in deep trouble. While Pinarayi is reeling under the impact of the Kerala gold scam, Kodiyeri’s son has been arrested in a drug scandal. The opposition is demanding the resignation of Pinarayi.

Pinarayi’s close associated and former principal secretary Shivasankar is now arrested for his involvement in gold scam. The CPM, which demands the resignation of even remotely connected persons in corruption cases, is now claiming that both the CMO and the CM were untouched by the scam. They say that Shivashankar has betrayed the trust of Pinarayi.

As for Kodiyeri, both his sons are in the dock. Eldest son Benoy is facing money laundering charges, while his second son Bineesh is now arrested in connection with the drug scam. A drug smuggler recently caught in Kerala revealed the involvement of Bineesh and later investigations showed that Bineesh and the smuggler had made many phone calls. Politburo member S Ramachandran has already said that if Bineesh is found to be involved in the case, he should be punished. This has sent alarm bells ringing in the CPI.

The CPM is worried that all these will impact the party as the elections are near. The party may have to do a lot of explaining. Both the BJP and the Congress will use this issue during the election campaign, the CPM feels.