FBI clears Clinton of e-mail charges just ahead of elections

Trump however calls her guilty                                        

On the last day of the almost ugly campaigning that the world is witnessing for more than a year now, Hillary Clinton could breath a sigh of relief when the FBI finally said they will not pursue any criminal charges regarding her e-mails.

Clinton used a private email server when she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 in the Obama administration. This became a heated contentious issue with Trump accusing her of direct links with Putin- Russia.Donald Trump as usual cried foul and called it a conspiracy saying, “Hillary Clinton is guilty.  She knows it. The FBI knows it.”

Projecting her image as tolerant Mrs. Clinton said, without mentioning Mr. Trump.“Everything you care about, everything I care about and have worked for, is at stake.”

The United States of America goes to polls tomorrow to finally decide this prolonged negativity , once and for all. But the hatred sown in this election will remain long and will leave wounds that will fester longer.


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