Garbage Thrown on Chandrababu’s Photo in Secretariat

In a stark example of  disrespect towards Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, officials threw the garbage on the CM photo in the head office of state administration Secretariat in Amaravathi.

Paper plates and glasses used by the officials in the high level meeting of the state Education department  were thrown on Chandrababu ‘s photo in the fourth floor of the  state Secretariat.  The colourful Chandrababu’s photo has been used as a dustbin in the meeting attended by  Special Chief Secretary Adityanath Das and JNTU official also.

While, a section of  media supporting Chandrababu  fixed the officials were responsible for the whole episode,  the CM supporters are demanding action against the officials for disrespecting Chandrababu in his own Secretariat premises.



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