Hardik Patel accuses BJP of doctored sex video ahead of Gujarat elections

Assembly elections are now nearing in Gujarat(scheduled in December) and things are going so badly for the ruling BJP that even Amit Shah is now scared to address public rallies. The crowds that are gathering to receive young crusaders like Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani are all pointing to a loss of face for BJP in Gujarat this time. But all are not ruliing out the BJP’s knack of last minute victories, given their track record.

“BJP will contest the polls using illicit means”

“The BJP has prepared a doctored sex CD to defame me and it will be released just before the election. What else can one expect from the BJP? So just wait, watch and enjoy.This is typical of the Bharatiya Janata Party”said the Patidar leader, Hardik Patel on Friday, November 3rd 2017.

The Patidar leader also said that defective Electronic Voting Machines and  3,500 Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail systems had failed the first-level testing of the Election Commission.  These defective Electronic Voting Machines and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail systems might be used in the Gujarat elections, he said.


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