Heroine fires on Director’s behavior

“There are more flops than hits in the films which that director gave. Even with top most heroes he only gave disasters. When coming to producing the films too he could not make it”, film sources say.

Because the very first film that was ought to be released under his production was a biggest fail. He literally had no money to release that film and the film was kept on hold almost for a year.  “During this time he even did not clear the payment for the film’s heroine and making her struggle so much”, sources say.  After the film got released, and got a hit, the struggles that the film’s heroine have faced are reduced to an extent, sources add.

So far things seemed well. The same director is in plans to produce another new film now. Sources leak that the film maker is repeating the same past scenes even now.

“For almost one and half year he hasn’t been paying the right amount to the heroine of his upcoming film and also is postponing the film. After finally releasing the film the heroine is now in dilemma not understanding what her next move should be,” sources say.

Films that have to be released from this director kept postponing since many times. Sources say that the film content was not reaching the expected mark which made the business groups to lose the interest in the project and that was the whole reason which was making the film postponed all the time.

Extending the film release date and also not giving the exact remuneration to the heroine, we will have to wait and see what this director will have to face at the end as the result of these.


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