He’s came with a suitcase, became a crorepati: Roja

YSR Congress Party senior leader and MLA RK Roja lashed out at TDP MLC Muddu Krishnama Naidu.

Speaking to the media, she alleged “Muddu Krishnama Naidu seems to have lost his mind. He said that Assembly records will prove his honesty and integrity. This is a big joke as Assembly records will only show the debates about common peoples problems done by various MLAs but not the audits of the politicians who are committed to corruption.”

Stating that she does not have any desire to become corrupt, Roja said the TDP MLC uses all his power only to make money.

“I worked in 150 films as a lead actress in Tamil and Telugu. They gave me enough recognition and money to lead a happy life. I am not a professor who came with a suitcase to the Tirupathi and now a crorepathi. All know how much he demands for even Tirupathi Darsanam and shall we see the records to calculate how many letters of recommendation that the MLC send per day for Darsanam?,” she added.


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