Hillary will win as Babu supported!

It is a common scene in India that the politicians boast themselves for achievements that they are no where related to. AP CM Chandra Babu stands first among that kind. When Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, He boasted that he was the main reason behind the growth of software industry in former AP State. When it came to PV Sindhu, Babu hailed that the Institute where she was trained was granted by his government.

Till now, Babu used all Indian achievements to boast himself. It would be very shocking to know that Babu this time boasted that near victory of the US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is mainly because of Babu’s support for her. A leading news paper printed on it’s first page as lead item that, “Hillary sent an advance invitation to Babu for the occasion of taking charge as US President. This would mark the beginning of new relations between US and AP and attract more investments into State.”
 Another most shocking statement that appeared in the newspaper was that, “Babu has already announced a call to all NRIs hailing from AP to vote only to Hillary and also Babu made many NRIs to give huge donations to Democrats.” Is this single not sufficient to clearly understand how Babu is managing the media. If the scenario continues,  public will lose the trust in media.
 At least now, the Centre and judiciary should probe into this and issue closure orders for the media who’s working only for Babu, instead of writing genuine news.


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