How to make your family and state happy?

The Andhra Pradesh government, under Chandrababu Naidu has taken the example of Madhya Pradesh (from Bhutan originally) and created a ‘Happiness Index’ ministry, headed by none other than the CM. It is now the second state to have this HI ministry.

Many think that happiness is a state of mind. But we can trust our leaders think in impossible ways and make it a commodity for which they can take credit. Anyone would think that if the state takes the citizens needs into account, provides education to its children, provides healthcare to its sick, supports its elderly, happiness will come on its own.

How to make your family happy?     

Making their families happy comes naturally to our leaders. All talk about the dynastic politics of the Gandhi family but follow the same , most religiously. Except those who have no families. Chandrababu Naidu  claims that his government apart from fulfilling the basic needs of people works for increasing happiness levels among people and the officials of TDP are also organising ‘Happy Sundays’ in different cities and towns of the State from the past couple of months.

India ranked 122 in the list of happiest nations out of 155 considered for ranking in the world. With new ministries like these, we can now make political attempts to pursue happiness.


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